We beelieve in thinking differently by making products that are beautifully designed, simple to use, socially responsible, cruelty-free and safe.

The story behind this bee with a cause began in 2011 by taking on the challenge of combating a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which has dropped the population of our bees by over a third.

From a vision that began in a home kitchen, we continue to live as a wellness brand of sustainable products that are free of GMO's, Parabens (chemical preservatives), Sulphates (chemical surfactants) and synthetic additives.

By stepping away from traditional manufacturing, we wanted to embrace the creativity, inspiration and innovation surrounding us here in New York City, and share that with consumers.

And, by hand-crafting in small batches from our Brooklyn-based Hive, we create art with our own fingerprint - where no two products are exactly alike. It is in our craftsmanship that keeps our brand unique, from the creases in our packaging to the variation in color of our raw, unrefined and ethically sourced ingredients from nature.

We also have a serious dedication to social responsibility, operating in a way that serves the environment and our overall social wellbeing.

As we continue to dream, we hope our products allow for others to do the same. 

We welcome you to discover a life with No Bee.S.