It was the summer of 2011. 

It was also the first time I heard that bees were dying.

I learned that some of my favorite products that fed my senses were made of unregulated and potentially toxic chemicals. In fact, these ingredients are at the forefront of the phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which has dropped the population of our bees by over a third.

I bet you're asking why this was so important to me. Well, pollination is a necessity for our entire world - about three-quarters of all food crops rely on bees. Simply put, it's a big deal.

To do my part, I picked up a block of beeswax from a local farm and began experimenting in my home kitchen with nothing more than a pot, spoon and a few natural oils. I perfected a beeswax-based lip balm and spent my time going door-to-door, raising awareness about a little bee with a big cause.

A few years later, at the age of 26, I experienced a rare neurological disorder that took over me - I had to learn how to walk all over again.

In search for answers, I realized that my research and advocacy for saving the bees went beyond the beehive. It included you. It included me.

Needless to say, I thought it was about time we had a brand that thought differently by never compromising ingredient safety for design, profit, simplicity or demographic trends.

After a little trial and error -- and more than a few messy kitchens -- BEECAUSE was born.


Jonathan, Founder.