Meet Jonathan

I am Jonathan. I have Guillain-Barre Syndrome; a severe autoimmune disorder in which my immune system attacks healthy nerve cells in my peripheral nervous system. It has recently cause paralyses in both legs, forcing me into intense physical therapy to re-learn how to walk.

Shockingly, this rare and serious condition was a direct result of a regular flu vaccine.

In search for answers, I learned of toxic ingredients used as preservatives in these common vaccinations: such as Formaldehyde and Mercury. As a result, I started reading labels of everything I had consumed - the more I read the more anxious I became.

Similar unregulated and unrecognizable synthetic ingredients are also formulated into common everyday skin care regimes. 

In 2011, I began experimenting with beeswax-based formulas with nothing more than a pot, spoon and a few natural oils. BEECAUSE was born.

As I continue down my road to recovery, I remain committed to educating consumers on ways to a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable future. I handcraft small batches of sustainable skin care products from my studio in New York City, that hydrate and nourish your body, free of GMO's, chemical preservatives and synthetic additives.

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Jeffrey Siggard

Hey Jonathan,
Because of you, I started reading about Guillain-Barré. I’m sorry to hear you have it, and I like that your not going to let it get the best of you.
If there is ever anything I could possibly do, please let me know.
Best regards, Jeff

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