I grew up watching the channel that always had “6 easy payments” for it’s seemingly endless roster of products, from beauty to electronics - known as QVC. Reaching about 85 million American homes and more than 190,000 customers of all backgrounds everyday, the thought of QVC featuring a product of your own was always considered a big deal.

I spent about 2 years pitching my brand to the QVC team, in hopes of joining this platform that would allow for me to share my story, outside of traditional retail. As a small business, timing is everything. And, more often than not, the timing was never right - until now.

Thinking back to the days I spent mixing in my home kitchen, I never had imagined the impact I would have from crafting plant-based products, advocating for environmental preservation, and befriending a little bee that eventually became my biggest cause.

It may have taken some time, and a lot of messy kitchens, but we are finally here - a part of the QVC family!

Beecause is so much more than just another brand. And now, I get to share it with the world.

Mom, I hope I make you proud.